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Turmeric seed /


Tested by Government accredited laboratories we provide Turmeric seeds for cultivation. We not only provide the seeds, but also buyback from the farmers by giving them MSP (Minimum supportive price). The buyback can also done in the form of wet seed, dried finger, or Kocha. We supply seeds with high curcumin percentage & with yield which is beneficial for farmers as well. Rhizomes & wet fingers of different varieties such as Pratibha (प्रतिभा) , Pitambari (पीतांबरी), Sugandha (सुगंधा), Selem (सेलम), Nizamabad (निजामाबाद)  etc, can also be supplied for cultivation by us.   

Turmeric Finger

All the high quality turmeric procured from farmers is available for sale. Any Manufacturers or Merchant Exporters can approach us to buy this material. With best & competitive price in market, we can supply top quality with bulk quantity. 

Application - Powder, Medicine, Extraction etc.

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